Which hoop should I buy?

We're frequently asked which hoop is right for me? There is many hoop sizes, types and weights....

So here is your guide! 





Heavy vs. Light

The heavier the hula hoop the easier it is to hula hoop because the weight slows it down for you to perfect the movement.

We suggest beginners start with our Dance Hoops for general use or if you want to hoop just for fitness start with our heavier Fitness Hoops.


  • Adult Dance Hula Hoops (This includes Zebra/Rainbow Spiral Dance Hoops)

    • These are perfect beginner hoops for hoop dance and fitness.​ They are medium-weighted.

  • Adult Bare Beginner Hoops 

    • These hoops are the same as our 'Adult Dance Hula Hoops' just without the tape. Great for a beginner but we recommend getting grip tape to help keep the hoop up. They are medium-weighted.

  • Polypro Lightweight Hula Hoops

    • These hoops are our lightest hula hoops and we recommend these for intermediate/advanced hula hoopers who hoop dance.​ These hoops come in shiny designs for performance. Great hoops for double/twin hooping.

  • Kids Hula Hoops​

    • These hoops are available in two sizes that are most commonly used for kids. 75cm for under 6 years and 85cm for 6-11years. They are medium weight​ and come in fun designs

  • Adult Fitness Hula Hoops

    • These hoops are great if you are only interested in hoop fitness. They are our heaviest and thickest hoops. These hoops can cause bruising on the hands if you are sensitive. 


All our sizes are in centimeters and measure the diameter of the hula hoop.

The correct size for you depends on your height and weight. If you are taller or bigger around the middle you need a bigger hula hoop.

Usually, for an ultimate beginner, the hula hoop should reach your belly button from the ground. 

Size breakdown:

  • 75cm - Mini hoops or kids under 6 years

  • 85cm - Kids 7-11 years or intermediate hoopers

  • 90cm - Petite sized beginner adult

  • 95cm - Medium-sized beginner adult

  • 100cm - Large-sized beginner adult

  • 105cm - Extra large beginner adult


Please note: We can make any size hula hoop so if you don't see the size you want email us at

Width size:

  • Our dance hula hoops are 3/4 inch in diameter which is a great size for waist or hand hooping.

  • Our fitness hula hoops are slightly wider at 7/8 inch in diameter.

  • Our polypro range comes in 3/4 inch and 5/8 inch width.

    • 3/4 inch is the most common however intermediate hoopers sometimes prefer the smaller size of the 5/8 inch, especially when using 2 or more hula hoops.

    • If you are unsure which size to get we advise getting the 3/4 inch polypro hoop as your first polypro lightweight hoop.


The big question!

Well, taped hoops will weigh more than un-taped. Un-taped hoops are less likely to show scratches while taped hoops will and the tape will fade in the sun and be ruined with water. 

What do we recommend?

It's personal preference! Perhaps one of both?!

Our owner, Kiera Blaney, has un-taped hula hoops for practicing/workshops and she saves her 'Gatsby Gold' Polypro taped hula hoops for shows. 

Still confused..? Contact our team for help here.