Fire Hoop Wicks

Designed and manufactured in Australia, these detachable fire wicks can turn any hula hoop into a fire hula hoop.

The fire hoop wicks have a special Kevlar material that can last for years depending on how often you light up and a flexible metal spine to prevent breakages when dropped.



  • Pricing is per wick
  • A screwdriver is required to attach/detach the wicks from your hula hoop
  • These wicks can fit any size hula hoop

Fire Hoop Wicks

    • It is best to attach to an un-taped hula hoop because the high heat may burn tape depending on tricks
    • Never wash the kevlar however the metal can be cleaned using a wipe if desired
    • Soak kevlar till all bubbles are gone on first burn to extend life of Kevlar
    • When the fire wicks are lit do not hold your hoop still for a long time because the heat can travel up the wick and burn your hula hoop
    • Any additional questions please contact us at

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