Hula Hoop Downsize

Is your hula hoop too big?

The first hula hoop we get is usually a big one and over time as we get better at hooping we want to try more tricks and a smaller hula hoop can be easier for this.

Usually, our first hula hoop is our favourite so that's why we have created this option for you to send in your hula hoop for a downsize to whatever size you like and we ship it back to you!

Please let us know the size of your hula hoop and the size you wish to have in the additional information section below. 


Thank you for helping the planet and making a sustainable consumer choice!


Please note:

  • The delivery cost to send hula hoop to us and hula hoop back is covered by the customer. Free local pick up available in Brisbane.
  • Once downsized if the hula hoop has a complicated/spiral design the design might not match up perfectly with the other side but it won't be noticeable when spinning!

Hula Hoop Downsize