Fitness Hoops

Our adult fitness hula hoops are great for beginners and hoop fitness purposes. They are our heaviest and thickest hula hoops and we wouldnt recommend these for hoop dancing. 

They weigh on average 400-480grams depending on the size chosen and are 25mm thick.

All our hoops are handmade with unique designs that incorporate beautiful, high-quality tape with grip tapes to help with keeping the hoop up.


Choosing the right size:

  • 90cm - For petite beginners
  • 95cm - For small-medium beginners
  • 100cm - For medium-large beginners
  • 105cm - For large-extra large beginners
  • 110cm - For extra-large beginners 


*Remember the bigger the hula hoop the easier it is to keep on the waist.

*These fitness hoops are heavier than our other hoops and can sometimes leave bruises if used on the hand. Over time you will build up muscle mass and wont bruise.

Fitness Hoops

    • To avoid tape scratching off don't use hula hoop on rough ground. 
    • Don't leave hula hoops in hot cars because they will change in shape from the heat.
    • When storing a hula hoop for extended amounts of time lay flat in a shady, cool area. If left hanging from a hook the hula hoop will slowly change shape over time. 
  • Please click HERE to see our instructions on choosing the right hula hoop for you.

    If you need further help please don't hesitate to email us!