Kids Hoops

Our kids hula hoop range is fun and come in a wide range of designs!

They weigh on average 280-320g depending on the size chosen and are 20mm (3/4inch) thick.

The range comes in taped and un-taped options. The benefit of un-taped is that you won't see the wear and tear as much as our taped designs. The un-taped hula hoops are slightly lighter than our taped designs.


Choosing the right size:

  • 75cm - 3-5 years old
  • 85cm - 6-12 years old 
  • For older please see our adult selection to choose bigger sizes.

Kids Hoops

    • To avoid tape scratching off don't use hula hoop on rough ground. 
    • Don't leave hula hoops in hot cars because they will change in shape from the heat.
    • When storing a hula hoop for extended amounts of time lay flat in a shady, cool area. If left hanging from a hook the hula hoop will slowly change shape over time. 
  • Please click HERE to see our instructions on choosing the right hula hoop for you.

    If you need further help please don't hesitate to email us!